Emily Korstanje

is a freelance writer and photographer based in Amsterdam. Her work varies from human rights and politics to capturing unique culture across the globe.

11 Fierce & Fabulous Getaways for International Women's Day

Travel gives 95% of women globally something to look forward to, according to a recent Booking.com survey*. Findings from the research conducted with over 17,000 women also revealed that travel energizes 88% of women in their daily lives, improves mood for 93% and provides 96% with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Celebrating International Women’s Day, Booking.com shares some great destinations around the world in which all generations of female travellers can be inspired to best reap the be

Dragons, Dancers and Dumplings | 10 Stays to Welcome the Year of the Monkey in Style

The Year of the Monkey is upon us. The year in which astrologers declare that anything can happen! To celebrate exciting times ahead, we’re taking you to the world’s greatest China towns to celebrate Chinese New Year. Whether you’re in San Francisco or Sydney, here are Booking.com’s top picks to help you enter extraordinary realms where vibrant Chinese culture comes to life.

Top 10 Extreme Stays to Inspire the Adventurer Within

It’s time to tell a story so bold, so extreme, that it will be passed down for generations. Head to the highest point of the mountain, deep into the rainforest, or out in the desert, leaving civilization behind to discover the world’s most exciting wilderness matched with awesome activities. After zip lining through the jungle, skiing/snowboarding down a cliff or learning survival skills in Africa, you can rejuvenate at the only accommodations in sight in these extreme locations, handpicked by Booking.com.

'Poshtel' Bliss | 13 Glam Stays to Rest Your Budget-Conscious Head

Have you ever stayed in a poshtel? That’s a posh hostel to those in the know. If the word ‘hostel’ makes you think of dingy beds, questionable bathrooms and bedbugs taking up permanent residence, think again! Poshtels are all about class, design and luxury…on a hostel budget! Located in the best parts of the city, these stays are not only limited to backpackers. These accommodations have all the perks of a five star stay, with a one star price tag.